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The Entrepreneurship 
& Innovation Studio


About The Show

Something is happening in the Central Valley, and it’s been happening for some time. Enterprise. Entrepreneurship. Innovation. At the E&I Studio, you will hear stories as told by the people who built something. Stories of inspired leadership, inspiration and imagination called to action. Through intimate conversations, the people who make our region the special place it is will share their lived experiences and moments of brilliance. Their stories will challenge, inspire and move you beyond words. It’s the past, present and future of a region, of a community, told by the people who pursued their passions and built something extraordinary. Co-produced by the Warrior Entrepreneurship and Innovation program and the Office of Communications and Public Affairs at Stanislaus State. The E&I Studio is edited and recorded in the KCSS studios on the campus of Stanislaus State. The views expressed by guests on this podcast are not necessarily those of the University.

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